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Black Mold

Questions about Black Mold Answered Here

Black Mold in the Bathroom With so many customer requests pertaining to identifying if there is black mold present in their home, Iíve decided to post a page that will answer many of these questions. Here are some more pages about Black Mold and Toxic Mold

Some common questions about Black Mold we are asked daily:

How do I know if I have black mold in my home?

Black Mold is becoming more and more common as it is becoming more aware that it can develop from something as simple as a minor pipe leak. This type of mold is very toxic and symptoms can include something as simple as causing mild allergies. For some people, black mold can cause serious medical conditions.

Below you will see a list of symptoms of black mold being present in your home as well as key areas of your home to check for Water Damage. The most common place you may find black mold will be in or on areas surround water pipes. These areas include basements, walls behind vanities, attics, and areas around the water heater(s). The reason for mold commonly developing here is due to the condensation on these pipes. Pipe breaks and/or leaks can also occur in these areas and should be inspected periodically to ensure you do not have either condition.

Toxic Black Mold

A common action when leaks are discovered is for the home owner to repair the leak. What many home owners usually donít know is that black mold will develop if the water damage to the surrounding areas is not properly dried out. A proper dry-out includes the installation of dehumidifiers as well as fans until these areas are completely dry. For more information on drying out Water Damages, visit our Dehumidification page.

What are symptoms of black mold?

The humidity levels of your home also play a big role in preventing black mold from developing. Humidity levels higher than 52% puts everyone in your home at risk for developing black mold symptoms. A tricky trait of toxic black mold in your home is that you may only develop very minor symptoms such as asthma or even a sinus infection. The problem with this is that people generally do not associate this as a symptom of black mold. Most people usually donít realize they have an airborne mold issue until someone gets really sick.

I smell a musty odor in my home, do I have black mold?

Musty smells and odors are most commonly the first symptoms of black mold. This is because black mold usually begins to grow in place that are not visible to people. These areas include wall cavities, cracks and crevices, and other areas of your home that is behind the scenes so to speak. While this is not a definite sign of toxic mold growth, it should be dealt with by having Black Mold Testing in your home. This matter is even more serious if the odors becoming stronger when your air conditioning unit is running. This is a sure sign that the mold problem has become airborne. One of the easier ways of identifying if black mold is present is looking for yellowish stains on any walls or ceiling throughout your home ( Using a black light will greatly assist you in doing so) . Some other common problems to look for is paint starting to come off the walls. This can be cause by moisture in the wall. Stains starting to show through wallpaper is generally a sure sign of black mold growing behind. Please seek a professional before peeling the wallpaper to look for black mold growth as this may cause the mold spores to become airborne. I hope that this answers a lot of your questions and keep in mind that you can submit any other concern to us 24 hours a day using our contact form or calling us at the number below.

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