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Black Mold Articles

Learn about Black Mold

What To Do About Black Mold

Black Mold is the Worst

Black Mold is the worst thing to have for your property whether residential, commercial, industrial or governmental. It comes from water damage and building damages that are expensive to treat. Black Mold can also cause serious health issues. A Mayo Clinic study shows that virtually all chronic sinus infections in the United States are caused by black mold and other types of mold as well.

So, what is black mold and how is it different than other molds? The color of mold for one delineates the type of mold it is. Of course, there are many types of mold and, while they are different in appearance, they are all fundamentally similiar. Black mold is, for all intents and purposes, no different than any other kind of mold you might find inside a building. If anything, black mold tends to be the most commonly found mold in the United States.

The key to preventing black mold from settling into spore colonies or expanding is limiting and preventing moisture. This strategy has also been touted by the E.P.A. and the National Association of Home Builders. That why we use dehumidifiers at your property. It will protect your property from black mold. We keep the relative humidity under 55%. Many property owners find knowing the humidity for each room (especially the bathrooms) is helpful and relatively inexpensive.
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The other necessary prevention to black mold growth is eliminating water leaks or water intrusion. This usual occurs through leaks in pipes, water mains and drain pipes. If you hear water running when no water or appliances (such as dishwashers) is on, this could be a sign that some pipes are leaking.

Once you have identified black mold, it can be difficult and expensive to clean up. The first step is to eliminate the factor that lead to the black mold in the first place; whether it’s reducing the humidity or sealing rusted pipes. After that, any non-porous materials can typically be cleaned. Porous materials generally needs to be replaced, especially if there is visible damage to the material. Cleaning black mold generally requires a strong disinfectant soap. Scrubbing in a full protective suit can remove all black mold. Then allow the area to dry completely. If the surface is not dry, spores may re-emerge. All surface should be visibly free of any black mold and completely dry before you can safely assume that it is gone.

Black mold can cause illness, home damage and depreciate your property value; but, simple steps such as routinely checking pipes for damage, and monitoring the relative humidity of various rooms can help prevent black mold from every invading your home.

Black Mold and Health

Don't live with Black Mold

Black Mold in the Bathroom

Don’t underestimate the harmful effects black mold can have on your health. Many property owners live and breathe unknowingly with toxic black mold in the air.  Imagine eating dinner and mold spores are right under your nose – literally.  Now you understand how black mold can seriously have a huge impact on your health and way of life. Rather than give up and live with this toxic mold invasion, there are people who can help.  Mold Removal Specialists, also known as mold remediation specialists are trained, licensed and should be insured to defend against this toxic mold invasion.  Always think ahead, because remember, health deteriorates the longer the body is exposed to it.  Testing to see if the effected area can be cleaned or removed is the answer.

Toxic Black Mold Try to make sure the home you’re living in does not provide opportunities for toxic black mold to grow rapidly. The first thing you need to do is keep the humidity levels down in your home – particularly in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Another place that black mold growth is prevalent is the closet area. Black Mold seems to be on the rise and testing, and ultimately removal, should be done if the property owner is concerned about the safety of the occupants.  Black mold needs to be tackles right away and the best way to do that is to contact a mold removal specialist.

Black Mold Removal Techniques

Mold Symptoms      Removal Techniques

Molds are 'organisms'. They are alive, simple life forms. They are part of the group of fungi named: ‘Taxonomic fungi’. They reproduce by making spores and can be found outside and on indoor air pollutants. Mold spores are so small they can only be seen using a microscope. They include black molds as well as rusts, mildews, mushrooms and yeasts.

House Mold Removal
Most people are aware of outdoor air pollution and its health effects on humans. From smog in LA to the pollen count in Miami. Many people don’t realize though the health effects of indoor air pollution. Since most of us work in an office, we may be susceptible to what is commonly known as "Sick Building Syndrome". There are several court cases right now of office workers suing building management because they feel sick and blame it on mold in the building. There’s even a movie about it. It can be removed by having a mold removal specialist test the environment for mold spores and use thermal imaging equipment to “look” into walls for water leaks that may be behind drywall, but hidden from sight.

Black Mold
The official name for Black Mold is ‘Stachybotrys’. It is commonly found in outdoor air pollutants and is part of the greenish-black mold families. Needing constant moisture in order to grow, it can be found in damp and flooded homes.

Symptoms of Black Mold:
Black Molds can be identified as impacting humans. According to the CDC,

“Certain individuals with chronic respiratory disease (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, asthma) may experience difficulty breathing. Individuals with immune suppression may be at increased risk for infection from molds. If you or your family members have these conditions, a qualified medical clinician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment. For the most part, one should take routine measures to prevent mold growth in the home."

These symptoms are causing many people to have a high concentrations of mold spores in the home or work environment. Molds can affect to break the body’s immune systems, breathing difficulties, skin and eye irritation and sinus congestion. On rare occasions, mold will develop more serious health problems to the body.

Black Mold Removal Techniques:
1. Any Black Mold removal process should include safety measures for you. The first step is always to determine the extent of infestation. A reputable mold removal company should be able to provide a report listing the density of black mold spores in the air. Most companies use a ppm (particle per million) set.

2. The Mold Removal specialist should be wearing full protective clothing – with special breathing filtration units. That’s how dangerous black mold spores can be. Then to prevent further spread of the mold spores the area is contained and air in the room is pumped outside of the house.

3. If the area is small enough to clean, then the Mold Removal Specialist will use industrial strength cleaners. These cleaning agents cannot be purchased at the hardware store or online. These black mold killing solvents can only be purchased by licensed, registered and preferably insured companies.

4. If the infected area is larger, then the Mold Removal Specialist may insist on removing the Black Mold by removing the area. This usually means that some demolition work would need to be done. Often when removing an area the demolition uncovers more mold. If the air in the room was not being pumped outside, mold spores would travel throughout the house and then the job to remove mold would be compounded.

5. Once the Black mold has been removed another test is conducted to determine if the ppm no longer indicates mold spores

6. Commercial property owners should continuously test the environment for mold spores in the air; because the people in the offices might have the "Sick Building Syndrome".

Black Mold Toxic Black Mold Black Mold in the Bathroom
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